Disabilities Trust 2007 Charity Carp Challenge
27th-29th April 2007

After 2 successful years and over £5500 raised for the Trust the 2007 comp was success story number 3 for a huge number of reasons.

The weekend was bleased with some of the most beautiful spring weather that we could have wished for with temperatures easily reaching 70 degrees during the day and staying warm through the night. With all 12 anglers primed and ready for the off the draw was made putting Neil Young and Simon Littleford in pegs 2 and 3, Phil Alexander and Chris Thorne in pegs 7 and 8, Ryan and Kevin Knight in pegs 11 and 12, Dan and colin Essery in pegs 13 and 15, Dave Baker and John Paine in pegs 16 and 17 and Lee morley who was left on his own after his team mate dropped out due to illness, in peg 20.

The evening was warm and the anglers were soon into their stride with catches coming from pegs 2, 7, 12, 16, and 17 on the first night. Notably a 20lb+ common and a 37lb 8oz catfish. This wasnt to be then end by any means as fish continued to flow to all areas off the lake and leaving Kevin Knight lost for words when he managed to bank a monster catfish of 45lb 8oz to give him a new pb and win him the biggest fish competition.

After the first 24 hours the weight totals were very close between 4 teams with Neil and Simon just ahead of Dave and John, but as the wind swung round to the east the fish were drawn into the large bed of bait that Dave and John had spodded out on the first evening, and the guys saw a string of big 20's push them clear for a time. The second night saw Lee in peg 20 battle his way back into the competition after losing a catfish that he couldnt stop early in the night he went on to land another 2 catfish and 2 carp.

With early success on the sunday morning Dave and John pushed on to over 100lbs of fish and when John banked a stunning 27lb 12oz fully scaled they seemed to have it in the bag. Not to be defeated though Neil and Simon changed tactics and their approach and Simon landed a stunning catfish of 31lb 12oz to put them over 100lb.

With the hours passing by and the fish turning their attentions to the sun and not the bait Dave and John sailed home to victory finishing on a total weight of over 166lb of carp and catfish. Neil and Simon were second with over 105lb, Ryan and Kevin were third with over 80lbs , Lee was forth with 50lb+ and Phil and Chris came in fifth with 37lb+. Not to be forgotten by any stretch of the imagination was our wooden spoon winners Dan and Colin in sixth place. The competition ended with a prize draw presented to the anglers by Charlie Crocker from BBC Radio Solent who kindly came along to support the event.

Fishing at Winstons Fishery

Deep in the heart of the West Sussex County, away from the maddening crowds of England’s big cities lies Winstons Fishery, a peaceful oasis for any angler that wishes to try his luck at catching a spectacular specimen in a natural setting. The venue stretches over 33 acres of unspoiled countryside in Burgess Hill, located just an hour’s drive from London. It consists of three large lakes, all filled with common carp, mirror carp and European catfish.

Having a bad day of fishing still beats a day in the office or tending to house chores, but such a day is highly unlikely in this corner of the world. While there is plenty of fish in all of the three lakes, there are very few catches that will disappoint you. The fishery is known for its remarkable captures of over 50lbs carps and catfish specimens that weighed over 100lbs, both of which are sure to fight bravely with their catcher.

The fishery is open year-round and is the perfect recreational setting where you can come with your family, friends and even escorts like those from http://www.eros.com. You can book your place on the shore in advance and even sign for a membership card at your arrival. The yearly fee is only £60 and it gives you full access to all areas of the establishment.

As a member of the Winstons Fishery, you will have to abide to a strict set of rules that imply among others to release all of your catches, to fish only from swims and to refrain from using barbed or crushed hooks. However, the same membership card offers you access to impressive comforts available on location. Some of these include a guarded parking lot, a tackle shop, and toilet and shower facilities.

The staff insists for all catches to be reported to the Wendy House located near the car park. This measure not only ensures a closely kept record book of the wildlife living in the three lakes, but it also enables the skilled angler who presents the biggest catch to win 24 hours of free fishing. This is a monthly contest and it is only available to registered members. If you find your fishing day riddled with bad luck and you only come up second, you can always lay back and treat yourself and your London escort from http://uk.eros.com/england/london/ to a cold drink at the local café.

Fishing is more than just a recreational sport. It is a great way to boost your health and to relieve your stress. It also comes with a big responsibility and care for the surrounding wildlife, which the organizers promote every day. By choosing to spend your day at a fishery you also bring your support to the local economy and you ensure the continuity of a long-lasting bound between man and nature.

Some would say there is nothing better than catching a break from your usual, daily routine and escape into the nature. Others would add that catching a big fish while you’re at it is even better.

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